Ever since my Hydro Flask arrived a few months ago, I have never looked back.  Gone are the days of plastic water bottles.  No more waste.  No more cold beverages when they are supposed to be hot.  I was sold.  I was in love.  I was with my Hydro Flask.

What: Hydro Flask bottles are insulated stainless steel water bottles that is BPA-free and perfect for travel.  I use it daily in the car and its safe top allows for a spill-free bottle.  I carelessly throw it in to my purse and don't think twice about spillage.  The Hydro Flask comes in a variety of colors and sizes.  I opted for the 20 oz and I find it to be the perfect size that lasts me a few hours before I need a refill.

Why: It is important to invest in a BPA-free water bottle to reduce the harmful effects of this industrial chemical.  BPA is found in plastics, including plastic water bottles. (You should also look out for these in canned foods, but that is a topic for another time.)  BPA has been linked to negative health effects on the brain and behavior, as well as a possible link between increased blood pressure.

Hydro Flask BPA - Free Water Bottle

Hydro Flask BPA - Free Water Bottle

How: Hydro Flask keeps hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours and keeps cold for up to 24 hours.  And this is my absolute favorite quality about my Hydro Flask.  I start my morning with a warm lemon water a squeeze of 1/2 an organic lemon into 16-20 oz of hot water.  Throughout my morning I sip on this lemon/water mixture.  Not only does lemon water aid in digestion, it delivers a large dose of Vitamin C to the body which helps strengthen the immune system.

Here is my quick recipe for my Morning Lemon Water.