Carbohydrates have many different reputations.  Depending on what diet you recently subscribed to, the word could have ominous meanings.  Lucky for you, that does not have to be the case! Let's take a deep dive into the world of bread! 

What: We are on the road to constructing a healthy lifestyle for you, and not just to follow some fad diet's recommendations.  Therefore it is important to understand, even at a surface level, that there are many different types of carbohydrates.  As long as you choose the right ones in the right quantities, your body will be able to use them as a source of energy (and not the dreaded 'store as fat').  

Bread is a fantastic food.  It is used for toast in the morning, a hearty sandwich for lunch, or garlic bread as a side for dinner.  I believe you should be allowed to eat bread in life - always.  This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  Focus on what you can eat and not what you are restricted to.  

I always have subscribed to the good:better:best way of thinking when it comes to food.  If you can eat mostly veggies, then that is fantastic, but the last thing we want your body to do is go into panic mode, and then before you know it, due to severe deprivation of the things you love, you end up overindulging on something even worse (sugar, refined carbs, etc.).  

Why: Refined carbohydrates, the white stuff, are striped of all of the nutrients that our crucial for our body to run efficiently.  Think of your body as a car.  Would you ever fuel your car with water?  With mud?  How would your car understand what to do with that material?  That is not what makes it run.  It's the same with our body.  It may chug along for a few miles, but in the long run it is doing more harm than good.

How: Our first step is to eliminate all white grains and sugars.  Since we are talking about breads in this article, let's go ahead and establish what should and should not be in your kitchen cabinet.  

Step 1: REMOVE all white breads.  I'm talking Sara Lee, Wonder, Pepperidge Farm.  Unless you are making the bread, you are not in control of the ingredients that are used.  I'm not telling you that you can NEVER have these brands again.  They just don't provide any nutritious value for us and we want to build your wellness body up strong!  And eventually your body will not even want the refined (FAKE!) products any more once it experiences how good it feels when it is fed the nutritious stuff.

Step 2: Invest in Ezekiel bread - a brand that I absolutely love.  Ezekiel bread is made up of sprouted grains, which are easier for the body to digest, plus they provide more vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed at a higher rate. 

Ezekiel Bread - check the recipes page for more recipes!

Ezekiel Bread , purchase at a Whole Foods or an organic market near you.

Ezekiel Bread, purchase at a Whole Foods or an organic market near you.