Have you ever been complimented on the scent of your home when guests arrive?

Have you ever given thought to the products you use in your home?  To the ingredients that make up these products?

We spend hours upon hours each day in our homes: eating, relaxing, sleeping...breathing.  Therefore whatever we are spraying in the air we end up directly inhaling.  

Quick exercise:  go grab your room scent or air freshener right now (or when you get home tonight) and skim through the ingredients.  Are there chemicals listed?  How about words you cannot pronounce?  If this is the case, chances are you are muddling the air you breathe with toxins - materials that decrease the quality of air.  Slowly but surely, this will leave the body unbalanced, contributing to a laundry list of potential maladies, many of which you may have never thought could be a result of your air freshener.  As these chemicals you inhale make their way into the body, it now must figure out what to do with them.  They are foreign and not the right type of fuel for your machine (body).

Introducing to you: essential oils!

My husband and I recently started using essential oils in our home.  Essential oils are all-natural, extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, resulting in an extremely powerful concentration of the botanical from which they originate.

You will find there is a huge selection of essential oils, and navigating the field may be overwhelming to start.  Each have a different purpose, so you can always start there.  For example, one of our favorite is the Sandalwood, which helps achieve more clarity and calmness.  Another is clove oil, which helps easy respiratory problems such as a cough, cold or sinusitis.  Lemon is excellent for eliminating odors.  And eucalyptus - my favorite antiseptic that I use whenever I am congested.  And the list goes on and on...

My suggestion would be to start with 1 or 2 oils of your choice, plus invest in a diffuser.  It is very important to dilute the oil with water before diffusing.  These oils are very concentrated!

To use, simply fill the diffuser up with the recommended amount of water (the diffuser always comes with a little pourer) plus 5-10 drops of oil depending on how much water you use.  Plug in, and let the diffuser work!  We leave our diffuser on a 1-3 hour timer morning, noon and night.

Breathe deeply, and breathe in a scent that not only smells wonderful, but that has health benefits, too!

About Young Living:

Young Living Essential Oils was created in 1993 by Gary Young, who saw the importance of creating a quality oil, since the alternative dampers the purity and therefore safety of the product.

Young established the standard now known as Therapeutic Grade™, a standard and a guarantee that Young Living will offer only 100 percent pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain their vital therapeutic potency.

To produce essential oils of this quality, Young created the Seed to Seal® process, "a philosophy ensuring that from the seeds we plant in pristine soil to the moment we seal our bottles in cutting-edge facilities, our full focus is on providing a final product that represents the best of nature without compromise."

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