I had been researching the benefits of castor oil for some time.  I have a few bald patches towards the center of my eyebrows, and I read that castor oil helps stimulate the hair follicles and therefore promote hair growth and color.  So, I purchased a wand and tried it out.

My husband is in his mid-30s and still has a full set of hair, but has a few dull patches plus the start of a receding hairline.  He purchased a bottle of castor oil, and due to its extremely sticky nature, mixed it in a bottle with his leave-in condition and adds about a penny size to his hair after his shower daily, massaging it into his scalp.


1. Mix equal parts castor oil and your favorite leave-in conditioner and apply a penny size to your palm.  

2. Massage into scalp, or eyebrows, or wherever you are aiming to stimulate growth - and this is the important part, because our hair follicles need to be stimulated, really make sure to massage.

3. For a richer hair color, run the oil/conditioner mixer over the strands of your hair to coat it.

*If your hair feels a bit sticky, just make sure to add some additional leave-in conditioner to your mixture.