Now you may think that this is really getting in to the nitty gritty.  Would you even think that your toothpaste could be harming your gut?  Our body is comprised of millions and millions of bacteria that make up our microbiome.  Keeping our microbiome in good shape is what keeps our overall health at an optimal level.  So it is important to play nice.

One of the ways to play nice, so to speak, is to watch every thing we put in and on the body.  Yes, of course, food is the obvious choice.  But for this article, we are going to chat about toothpaste.  Articles are starting to come out that put common toothpaste ingredients under the spotlight.  Stanford researchers have reported that the antimicrobial triclosan, found in toothpastes, can disrupt our gut microbiome.

It is sad a little bit crazy how heavily marketed some of these toothpastes are to the general public so we all think it is normal to use these products.  I was always one of those people and was a user of everything from Crest to Colgate, Sensodyne to Aquafresh.  But if we dissect even a few of the ingredients of the ever popular Crest toothpaste...


crest toothpaste




See all of those inactive ingredients towards the bottom?

- Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) = thickening agent that creates the foamy feel we have learned to love from a toothpaste, but also SLS is a chemical used in laundry detergents

- Blue 1, and other artificial flavors and dyes = provides color, but also deemed as "reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens" by the American Cancer Society.

And that was just scratching the surface.  

thieves toothpaste

Now take a look at the offerings of natural toothpastes from Thieves.

Not only will you be able to comprehend the ingredients, but you will be free from ingesting harmful chemicals that, if in a different packaging you would never ingest or subject your body to.

We'll be talking about other oral care suggestions later on such as flossing and oil pulling, so stay tuned!

Please share!  What are some of your favorite toothpastes and why?