My days are busy.  I have limited time to prepare meals to take with me for the day.  That is why I look for quick and easy items that are also satisfying!

Ezekiel Bread Veggie Sandwich, serves 1 (double recipe to serve 2)


2 slices Ezekiel Bread, toasted

5 spinach leaves

2 tomato slices

1/2 avocado, sliced

1 thin slice of onion (white or red)

1 pinch of sprouts

Sprinkle of fresh parsley

Drizzle of oil (Avocado oil is my favorite, but extra virgin olive oil works as well)

Sprinkle of crushed red pepper, Himalayan salt and black pepper

Optional: dijon or yellow mustard


1. Toast the sliced Ezekiel Bread as desired.

2. Layer ingredients.  The good thing about this sandwich is you can mix and match any raw veggies you desire.  They pack a good crunch and a good punch of nutrients.

3.  Drizzle oil, season, and serve!